Shelly Cohen Paintings


About the paintings

The paintings you see are all oil based. I sometimes draw and sketch to practice the techniques but I prefer to add color.

Until recently I learned painting on my own. I practice drawing of a live model in a studio. Many times a beautiful image or landscape catches my eyes, so I either sketch what I see on a scrap of paper and later transfer to a canvas. Or if I am lucky, I have my camera with me so I can take a photo and paint it later in my studio.

In the past weeks I started taking art classes with the known Israeli artist Reuven Tishrey. His method is what I need at the moment, I don’t learn how to paint, but I learn to critically look at my paintings and I improve by reviewing my work and study about great artists and how they dealt with questions about color and style.  

I experiment with different materials. I cant say I have a distinct favorite, but the color brands I am using are minaly Shmimer, Van Gogh and rarely Rembrant. lately i started experimenting with wall paint. I like the freedom that a big can of paint allows me.

I bought 4 different mediums and I still try them out, so far I prefer to mix turpentine and paraffin oil myself.

Brushes are very important to me. I use high quality ones that don’t shed hair and keep their shape for long. recently, I discovered that I looove painting knifes (spatula) and i use them to add texture to nature paintings.

My major discovery is the difference between the painting canvases qualities. In that case I strongly prefer using top quality Italian painting canvas.

The Optimistic Approach

I believe in the beauty or art. Many artist find it easy to relate to the harsh reality we live in. the paint violent scenes of wars, hunger, misery and crime.

I choose a different way. My paintings are the search for the beautiful in life, the little smile of a person you meet on the road, the sunshine the shines thorough leaves and the memory of an amazing trip in the forest. My paintings are mostly realistic but even the abstract ones are colorful, lively, and esthetic.   

A bit more about me

In my everyday life I work for a high tech company, enjoy sharing ideas with a bunch of smart and creative people talking technology.

These days, I'm going to Tel Aviv University, completing an MBA degree. When I don’t read articles, I enjoy books by Romain Gary, Louis de Bernières, Irvin Yalom,  Eshkol Nevo and many more…

In between all that I try to travel and explore the world for fun. I spent 4 years living in New York City and I traveled to many destinations such as Argentina, Italy, Thailand, Hong Kong and more.

I find that all of these experiences are inspiring and are reflected in my paintings.

These days, I live in Hertzelia.